Personalized legal representation for seriously injured people

Get personal relief and financial compensation

When an accident happens and the system stops working for you, what happens? What can you do when you can no longer earn a living, medical bills have thrown your finances into chaos, and insurance companies refuse to help for reasons that defy everything you ever learned about common sense and fair play?

Laurie Speed, Atlanta's personal injury attorney, dedicates her professional life to solving problems and restoring quality of life for people after accidents.  No matter where you live in Georgia or where in any of the state’s 159 counties you have been injured, she can help. Her experience includes litigating, settling, and winning personal injury cases around the state for more than a decade.

If you have suffered serious injuries from a car wreck, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or other accident, call Laurie Speed for a free consultation. Her strategic and practical approach to even the most complex personal injury cases is your key to compensation and your return to a sustainable way of life.

Personalized legal representation for seriously injured people

From her firm's office in the heart of Atlanta, Laurie Speed offers dedicated personal injury solutions to her clients in all 159 Georgia counties. Her firm gives you the advantage of individualized representation that you may not find at larger law firms. Call The Speed Firm, P.C. at 404-382-7163 for a free consultation or use her contact page.